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RMA#: Date:
Company: Contact:
Address: Tel
Email: Fax:
Item # Q’ty Product Description *Serial # **Problem Description ***Invoice#

* Check out on the bottom of return product with serial #.
**Possibly state the specified return cause
***Possibly provide the Invoice #.


RMA Instruction

1. Please call our company for RMA department for an assigned RMA #, or visit our website to fill out online RMA request form.  Please provide your return product serial # or invoice #.  The RMA # will be assigned to you by email or phone.   The RMA # is valid for 10 business days.
2. Please mark the RMA # on every package to be returned.  All returned merchandise must have a serial # and possibly a copy of the original invoice.
3. All returns will be processed when the proper forms are completed either by fax or e-mail.
4. Please ship the prepaid defective products in original packing boxes (if possible) with the RMA request form and the copy of invoice.
5. Repair fee will be charged to customers for the products out of warranty or physically damaged.

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